the setup of a secure network drawing on international best practice solely for business owners and their families, to deliver the following:
  • Family Business “Meet the Owner”: presentations and discussions by family business owners on the story of their family and company and the challenges being addressed by each;
  • Family Business Briefings: with national and international experts in the area of family business to address particular issues and topics;
  • Family Business Roundtables: facilitated small groups of business owning families to discuss key issues with reference to the experiences of other families and benchmarked to best practice;
  • Family Business Conference: showcase of international best practice from international families and experts in the area of family business.
  • Family Business Site-visits: visits to the business operations of member companies.

Benefits of participation in the FBN Forum.

The sharing of first-hand direct experience with other families in business that have faced, or are facing, similar challenges associated with family ownership;
The opportunity for non-active family members and current or future shareholders to discover and understand for themselves the challenges unique to family business and the practical ways to address these over time;
The opportunity for senior non-family Board members and/or Directors of single family offices, to engage and understand at first hand the challenges faced by family members and owners;
The opportunity to engage with peers within a confidential environment of non-solicitation.