Our Story

Family Business Network Ireland (FBN-I) is the network organisation for experiential learning, mutual support and advocacy for and on behalf of Irish families in business.

It was established by some of Ireland’s leading business families, as the Irish Chapter of a non-profit international network of business owning families (Family Business Network International), promoting the success and sustainability of family business.

Going from strength to strength, and expanding rapidly, FBN-I provides experiential learning for its members through intimate and informative events, connecting families in business to inspire connection and community, while advocating on their behalf in the public and political sphere.

Founding Families

Campbell Family
2nd generation family business. Tea and coffee specialists and blenders with coffee shops in Ireland, the UK and the USA. See www.bewleys.com

Carton Family
8th Generation family business. Chicken producers. See www.chicken.ie

Feighery Family
2nd Generation family business. Multi- disciplined construction group in Ireland and the UK. See www.siac.ie

Musgrave Family
5th Generation family business, based in Cork. Food distribution business partnering with over 3,500 independently owned supermarkets in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Spain. See www.musgravegroup.com

Roche Family
3rd Generation family businesses. Part- owners of the Doyle Hotel Group and NTR plc Development of renewable energy sources in Ireland and the USA. See www.ntrplc.com and www.doylecollection.com

Why Are We Different?

FBN-I across generations; we are the only family business organisation with a specific intent and dedicated resource aimed at the Next Generation (18yrs-35yrs).

FBN-I is a part of an international forum. The FBN International has over 10,000 members from over 3,700 family companies, organised in 29 national or regional associations around the world.

FBN-I represents 30 years of shared family experience, through the accumulated knowledge within and amongst its’ members.

FBN-I offers confidential exchange and peer-to-peer learning. All activities within the network are governed by our values to facilitate the exchange of insights and knowledge between members.

FBN-I supports sustainable and successful family businesses for the future, to both the benefit of families in business and the wider Irish economy.

Prospectus 2020/2021

Download the FBN Ireland 2020/2021 prospectus.

FBN Ireland Mission

FBN Ireland is the network organisation for experiential learning, mutual support and advocacy for and on behalf of Irish families in business.

  • FBN seeks to be recognised as the premier support for and the voice of families in business in Ireland
  • FBN exists to connect people who share and interest in and concern for the growth and sustainability of Irish families in business
  • FBN provides a mutually supportive forum where people who lead, own and/or advise Irish families in business can support each other, share their experiences and learn together
  • FBN acts as a voice for our community; working with relevant audiences to represent, advocate and inform on behalf of Irish families in business


Trusting each other, being able to confide; sharing experiences and learnings are the foundations of the FBN community in Ireland. We believe that dialogue and sharing are the key to avoiding and resolving differences.


We value peer learning as a way to support and guide family businesses through the unique and specific challenges they face.


We are proud of the impact and achievements of family businesses in Ireland. We value the success and sustainment of multi generational businesses.


Membership of FBN is enjoyable and sociable above all. We value our community; the contribution we make to each others lives and to the wider community, where we seek to make a significant and positive contribution.

Get Involved

If you would like to join FBN Ireland please complete our membership enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.