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Philip MacKeown and four members of the Kiely Family (PEI) attended the FBN International conference this year. At the recent Forum Event, Robert and his son Luke kindly gave other members an overview of their experience. They both spoke of the very generous welcome they received and indicated that it was very worthwhile to meet members from a very diverse range of family businesses across the world. They listened to live family business cases delivered by leaders across generations in large plenary sessions and also attended more intimate and sensitive peer-focused sessions where a large range of topics were discussed in a safe space, moderated by top family business leaders, academics and practitioners. In particular Robert spoke about how they used the valuable time together as a family at the conference to begin the conversations about the future of the business. All in all the family found it a worthwhile experience and would encourage other to consider attending future International Conferences. Date of the 2016 FBN Global Summit: 2nd to 5th November 2016, Sujo, China. (see www.fbn-i.org) Many thanks to both Robert and Luke for sharing their experiences with the FBN Ireland Guests and members.