FBN-I provides its members with a range of educational and experiential solutions to the challenges faced by families in business.

  • FBN Ireland provides its members access to its increasingly busy calendar of events, located both centrally and regionally, that are informative, educational and content-rich on matters unique to Family Businesses.
  • FBN Ireland enables and facilitates member to member connections and conversations, through its events and through individual introductions, so that its members may share their own experiences and learn from the experiences of other families.
  • FBN Ireland affords its members with opportunities to sponsor or speak at events.
  • FBN Ireland, as the local chapter of the international organisation, FBN International, offers its members access to FBN International events and resources, as well as its network of families in business around the world.
  • FBN Ireland collaborates with many other partners, such as Higher Educational Institutes, Chambers and Membership Associations, and professional service firms on research projects and other initiatives in order to provide high quality and important information that is relevant to its members and their interests.
  • FBN Ireland members have access to the members’ area of the FBN Ireland website, which has additional resources and research, and receive the FBN Ireland newsletter, to keep up to date with FBN Ireland events, activities and developments.