Family Business Network launches ‘The National Family Business Sentiment Report 2021’ in partnership with Smith & Williamson

We are delighted to present the findings of the National Family Business Sentiment Report 2021 which was conducted in association with Smith & Williamson. This is the second in a regular report series which will track key trends and business sentiment in the Family Business sector to inform public policymaking. We believe the results give real insight into the opportunities and concerns of this vitally important sector.

The sentiments and policy recommendations compiled in this report are based on survey findings and ongoing conversations with family businesses throughout the country during the summer and early autumn of 2021. This research had respondents from micro enterprises, SMEs and large enterprises, from each province in Ireland and spanning a wide range of sectors.

The most important takeaway from our dialogue with Ireland’s family-run businesses is that they are positive — as family-run firms inherently are — and they are ready and willing to play their full part as we emerge from this crisis.

We are delighted to partner with Smith & Williamson to bring you these insights on the needs of this critical sector which is so intrinsic to our economic success now and in the future.

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Con Casey, Director, Smith & Williamson said: “Family Businesses are at the heart of our economy and we see the National Family Business Sentiment Report 2021 as a key touchpoint in understanding their challenges. The report truly highlights how vital local employers are to the Irish economy. Family business owners need support as they face serious disruption from the pandemic, the aftershocks of Brexit and inflationary pressures in the costs of doing business, undermining Ireland’s competitiveness.

“Many family business owners have stayed in their business, not wanting to hand over to the next generation until Ireland’s economy has stabilised. We hope that this report can help re-mobilise these vital businesses for growth and help Ireland efficiently move forward to renewed economic and cultural vibrancy.”

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