Membership of FBN Ireland is enjoyable and sociable above all. We value our community; the contribution we make to each other’s lives and to the wider community, where we seek to make a significant and positive contribution. FBN Ireland seeks to create and foster a sense of community among its members, through social events and introductions.

Within the wider FBN Ireland community, there is a need to engage the Next Generation of families-in-business. The current Next Generation will be the decision makers of the future, and it is important that they receive the support and learning opportunities to best ensure their continued participation within their family’s business, a smooth transition in leadership and ownership and the continued success of family businesses. FBN Ireland seeks to address the needs of the Next Generation.

  • FBN Ireland encourages NxG participation at its events.
  • FBN Ireland’s Board always has a NxG representative to voice their concerns.
  • FBN Ireland connects the NxG with their global peers through the FBN International network.
  • FBN Ireland connects the NxG with FBN local chapters where they live abroad.