FBN Definition

The term “family business” as agreed by both the Family Business Network (FBN) and the European Group of Owner-Managed and Family Enterprises (GEEF) is:

The majority of votes is in possession of the natural person(s) who established the firm, in possession of the natural person(s) who has/have acquired the share capital of the firm, or in possession of their spouses, parents, child or children’s direct heirs;

The majority of votes may be indirect or direct;

At least one representative of the family or kin is involved in the management or governance of the firm;

Listed companies meet the definition of family enterprise if the person who established or acquired the firm (share capital) or their families or descendants possess 25 per cent of the right to vote mandated by their share capital.


The FBNI Founders

Musgrave Family – 5th Generation family business, based in Cork. Food distribution business partnering with over 3,500 independently owned supermarkets in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Spain. See www.musgravegroup.com

Roche Family – 3rd Generation family businesses. Part- owners of the Doyle Hotel Group and NTR plc Development of renewable energy sources in Ireland and the USA.
See www.ntrplc.com. and www.doylecollection.com

Carton Family – 8th Generation family business. Chicken producers. See www.chicken.ie

Campbell Family – 2nd generation family business. Tea and coffee specialists and blenders with coffee shops in Ireland, the UK and the USA. See www.bewleys.com

Feighery Family – 2nd Generation family business. Multi- disciplined construction group with of ces in Ireland and the UK. See www.siac.ie