FBN Mission

FBN Ireland is the network organisation for experiential learning, mutual support and advocacy for and on behalf of Irish families in business.

FBN seeks to be recognised as the premier support for and the voice of families in business in Ireland.

FBN exists to connect people who share and interest in and concern for the growth and sustainability of Irish families in business.

FBN provides a mutually supportive forum where people who lead, own and/or advise Irish families in business can support each other, share their experiences and learn together.

FBN acts as a voice for our community; working with relevant audiences to represent, advocate and inform on behalf of Irish families in business.

FBN Ireland’s Values


Trusting each other, being able to confide; sharing experiences and learnings are the foundations of the FBN community in Ireland. We believe that dialogue and sharing are the key to avoiding and resolving differences.


We value peer learning as a way to support and guide family businesses through the unique and specific challenges they face.


We are proud of the impact and achievements of family businesses in Ireland. We value the success and sustainment of multi generational businesses.


Membership of FBN is enjoyable and sociable above all. We value our community; the contribution we make to each others lives and to the wider community, where we seek to make a significant and positive contribution.