COMMUNITY: the setup of a secure network drawing on international best practice solely for business owners and their families, to deliver the following:

  • Family Business “Meet the Owner”: presentations and discussions by family business owners on the story of their family and company and the challenges being addressed by each;
  • Family Business Briefings with national and international experts in the area of family business to address particular issues and topics;
  • Family Business Roundtables: facilitated small groups of business owning families to discuss key issues with reference to the
  • Family Business Conference: showcase of international best practice from international families and experts in the area of family
  • Family Business Site-visits: visits to the business operations of member companies.

Benefits of participation in the FBN Forum.

The sharing of first-hand direct experience with other families in business that have faced, or are facing, similar challenges associated with family ownership;

The opportunity for non-active family members and current or future shareholders to discover and understand for themselves the challenges unique to family business and the practical ways to address these over time;

The opportunity for senior non-family Board members and/or Directors of single family offices, to engage and understand at first hand the challenges faced by family members and owners;

The opportunity to engage with peers within a confidential environment of non-solicitation.


The steady growth of the network in Ireland and access to business owning families:

  • New Members: constant renewal of the network through the addition of new members who bring unique businesses, new knowledge and insights on the effective governance and management of the family and business;
  • International: the opportunity to network with and meet business owning families in Europe and internationally, through the activities of the FBN International to include the annual Global Summit.

Benefits of new members and access to families in business:

The staged development of resources for the chapter for the benefit of all members. The addition of new knowledge, ideas and experience which is available for other members.


The sharing of experience with families, working with Irish and intrnational education providers, to include programmes for Ownership, GovernanceMaster classes in Family Business Governance, Business Governance, Business Management, Wealth Management et al. delivered by national and international experts and academics;

International Exchange Platform: access to the FBN members “Exchange Platform” for information on family business – cases, articles and studies on family business;

FBN Ireland Library: access to an on-line resource of pro-formas, articles, cases and expertise relevant to the development of family business governance, management and the next generation;

Family Business Advisors: exposure to relevant experts in family business based both in Ireland and overseas

Benefits of access to family business knowledge and expertise:

The securing of the basics of family business management, succession planning and governance with reference to the first-hand practical experience of other family business owners;

The understanding and discussion of practical outcomes to structure and guide family governance such as the setup and development of a Family Council, the drafting of a Shareholder Agreement or Constitution, the effective design and facilitation of family gatherings and meetings and engagement with next generation owners;