“To be a forum for Irish families in business committed to engagement, sharing experience and the development of knowledge through mutual support to provide families in business with the support to grow, transition and learn from each other”.



To be an all-Ireland learning community for family business owners and next generation family members, consisting of a core of like-minded families in business the premier national resource and learning community for building and sustaining successful family businesses.



To achieve the following ends:

  • To develop and share specific knowledge and experience to address the particular challenges of families-in-business to be successful and sustained owners;
  • To increase awareness of and support for the particular contribution of family business and family business ownership to Ireland;
  • To prepare and stimulate for ownership the next generation members of business owning families.



Family business owners, family members both active and inactive in the business and next generation family members.



An independent non-profit body organised and driven by business owning families, operating as the Family Business Network in Ireland, being an affiliate of the Family Business Network International.