A unique network of next generation family members – both active and inactive in the family company – drawn from member families.


development and support for the next generation of family members and family business owners, to include:



education courses targeted at Next Generation family business members to prepare them for the leadership of the business and the family;


work experience for next generation members through placement in FBN member family businesses worldwide;



annual conference specifically for next generation members, with attendees from family businesses worldwide.


Benefits to participation in FBN for next generation family members:

  • The fostering of long-term family entrepreneurship and a sense of ownership for and among next generation family members with the opportunity to learn and benefit from their own network of peers from other member companies;
  • The opportunity for suitable next generation family members to work in other family companies outside of Ireland;
  • The opportunity for next generation family members, developing a career in their family company, to source mentoring and support on a confidential basis;
  • The opportunity for next generation family members to participate in facilitated workshops to cover key issues relevant to business management, family ownership and personal and career development.