Upholding the Code of Conduct of the Family Business Network.

Participating Families will be asked to sign up, upon joining, to the values of the Family Business Network which govern the activities of the Irish chapter and the activities of chapter members as they network with other members of the Family Business Network International, based all over the world.
The following are the key values we are asking members to sign up to:

Trust and Openness

The Network is founded on the principles of open communication and trust.
All network members are family businesses with a common agenda and similar issues. This is essential to develop a climate of mutual trust and the exchange of relevant information, experience and insights.


Active participation by members is the vital ingredient which makes the network valuable.
All members are encouraged to make and share their own contributions, either through discussion, constructively questioning other members or presenting their ideas and experiences.


Members are committed to sharing experiences and insights in an atmosphere of confidentiality. Information, opinion and comment exchanged within network meetings must not be divulged, recorded or exchanged through any medium, outside of the deliberations of the network.

Respect and Professionalism

Discussions and debates are always conducted in a professional and respectful manner.
Members should be prepared to take account of the opinions and ideas of others, fairly stated. Challenge should be constructive and informed with the specific aim of increasing the insight and understanding of all members.


The network is not a place to sell products or services to other members or to “place” philanthropic opportunities. It is a forum for the learning and the exchange of ideas, experience, and knowledge.
The network is a forum to specifically consider the challenges and opportunities specific to sustained ownership. It is not intended as a place for the exchange of goods and services amongst members or as a resource to place philanthropic, sponsorship or other opportunities.