The USP for the Family Business Network in Ireland.


The key factors which position the FBN as a unique resource for business owning families are the following.

  • The Network operates across generations.


The FBN is the only family business organisation with a specific intent and dedicated resource aimed at the Next Generation (18yrs-35yrs);

  • FBN is a non-profit and non-solicitation organisation.


Surplus is re-allocated back for the membership, who are not permitted to seek commercial gain from the network;

  • FBN Ireland is a part of an international forum.


The FBN has over 7,000 members from over 3,100 family companies, organised in 26 national or regional associations around the world;

  • The FBN network represents 25 years of shared family experience.


The network contains the accumulated knowledge within and amongst its’ members;

  • Confidential exchange and peer-to-peer learning.


All activities within the network are governed by our values to facilitate the exchange of insights and knowledge between members;

  • Value-added research for family businesses.


The network sets out to discover and foster practical research relevant to the issues faced by families in business;

  • Supporting sustainable and successful family businesses for the future


The network has long-term goals and aspirations.