Who we are looking for

The Family Business Network Ireland is intended for family business owners, family members both active and inactive in the business and next generation family members, who collectively are:


Prepared to network and share best practice with like minded families-in-business and to follow the FBN Code of Conduct at all times.


Owners of medium to large businesses.


Anticipating the need address one or all of the challenges common to families-in-business, to include (but not limited to):

  • Level of Non-Family management: businesses intending to attract, develop or retain non-family management.
  • Family Controlled: family businesses considering or having recently established formal governance mechanisms to guide and communicate with family shareholders.
  • Next Generation (18 to 35+ years): families with next generation family members either intending or commencing a career in the family company or intending to start learning about responsible ownership.
  • Non-Family CEO: businesses intending to appoint, or working with, a non-family CEO.

Family business development stage

Families who have an interest (shareholding, legacy) in a number of different businesses, being “families-in-business”.